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Congratulations to Allan Lloyd

on completing the Six Welsh Peaks



"Six Peaks for Sixty Years" supporting St. Michael's Hospice

Kington Christmas Tree Festival

9th December, 2017 to

7th January, 2018








St. Mary's Church, Kington

Christmas Tree Festival

Twenty trees will be decorated by different groups each reflecting the organisation they represent.

Events within the Festival:

9th December - Concert with Talgarth Male Voice Choir

19th December - Concert with Kington Community Choir and                                  St. Mary's Choir

29th December - Concert presented by Liz Darwin & Friends

6th January - Organ Recital given by Peter Dyke, Assistant                                Organist at Hereford Cathedral

The Church will be open each day and there will be music recitals in addition to the concerts.



Sign up in the church so we have some idea how many books to get.  

Three books a year, with reviews and information, all on the web site and in the parish magazine.



Praying in Exile  by Gordon Mursell

Ours is a world of movement and change, of migrations and asylum and travel. Exile, rootlessness and experiences of "not being at home" have become almost universal. Praying in Exile explores the nature of exile, shows how almost all of us experience it in some form in our lives, and suggests spiritual resources to enable us to cope with it.

This is an important, occasionally unsettling book that links spirituality and prayer, critical reflection on contemporary political and social issues with scripture and practical resources drawn from many years' pastoral experience including work with refugees and asylum seekers.

    Trish MacCurrach 01544 231848



Book Club

anyone can join    

starting September 2017


The Book Club

Several of us think it would be fun and helpful to have a book club. There are so many excellent books, about different aspects of our Christian Faith.

Aim; That those who read the books may grow in faith, have fellowship, gain skills and understanding for life, mission and to build the body of christ.














How will it work;

·       There will be three books a year chosen by the group. These will be advertised in the parish Magazine and on the web site.

·       There will be book reviews in the parish magazine, on the web site and in church.

·       There will be a dedicated place for the books to be returned and collected from in church with a small notice board updating readers.

·       There will be invitations on the table.  You can take one to give to a friend. Anyone can join the book club. E.g. you don't have to come to church to read the book.

·       There will NOT be an official meeting to discuss the book, that can be done over coffee in each others homes or at coffee after church.

·       Depending on how many people sign up for the club, several books will be bought and made available. (we might try the library first)

Topics to choose from;

·       Teaching; Building your church, Relationships, Discipleship, prayer

·       Pastoral; Renewal, healing, forgiveness,

·       Stories of new movements of faith

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There will be a bell-ringing practice at St.Mary’s, Kington on the first Wednesday of the month, starting on 1st February, 7.30pm until 9.00pm.

This is in conjunction with the ringers at Lyonshall, who will continue to have their practices on the other Wednesdays in the month.

Ringers and non-ringers will be most welcome. Why not come and give it a go?

For further information call the Tower Captain, John Clayton on 01544 230839