All of us have important moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc in our lives which it is important to celebrate.  These events all mark significant occasions on our journey through life and as such are like signposts on a journey.  For that reason we have called this section of our website “Milestones”.

Three of the most important of these milestones are christenings when we give thanks for new life;  marriage when we commit to share our lives with another person and funerals when we give thanks for a life that has been lived and commit the departed into the hands of God.

In the Kington Parishes we believe that it is important that these events are both celebrated and commemorated and we do our very best to ensure that all who come are welcomed and supported at these significant moments along life’s journey.

Christening or Baptism?

Don’t worry it is the same.  The sacrament is Baptism.  In it we are as St. Paul writes, “buried with Christ in his death that we may share his resurrection.  The water washing us clean symbolizes the death to an old life and through baptism we become members of the christian family, brothers and sisters of Christ and in that we’re “christened”.”

In the Kington Parishes we offer two alternatives for a christening.  We are really thrilled when christenings take place during our Worship on a Sunday;  in that way the whole christian family here welcomes its new member(s).  However, you may feel that a separate service would be better for you, your families and friends.

If you would like to know more, you can complete our online form or contact the Vicar.  Please do speak to the Vicar about dates and times;  he is always happy to help.


Your Wedding Day is probably the most exciting day in your life!  We are delighted when people ask to be married in our Churches.

Here in Kington Parishes we want to do all that we can to ensure that not just your Wedding Day but more importantly your marriage are both successful and enjoyable.  

Unlike a christening, marriage is a legal as well as a religious event, so please do check because we have to comply with the Law, a discussion with the Vicar should be able to resolve any issues.  We like to help!

The initial contact for a wedding is normally the Vicar or Parish Office.  You will be asked to complete a form which provides the information needed to comply with the Law.  If you are unsure whether you can be married here, please do ask.  The Vicar will then arrange to meet with you to plan and discuss the wedding service and to prepare you for your marriage.  This normally takes the form of a number of meetings between him and the bridal couple.  An outline of a marriage service is attached to give you an introduction to preparing for what we hope will be a significant part of your big day.   

If you would like to know more please complete our online form or contact the Vicar.

The Church of England Weddings/Christenings website will give you some really helpful advice and guidance including hymns, readings and parts of the service.


The death of a loved one is clearly one of the most traumatic moments for those left behind.  For a Christian, however, death is a parting not an ending.  We believe that death is the time when life is transformed, when the physical and mortal gives way to the imperishable and immortal. This does not mean that we do not and should not grieve because a parting is always painful for those left behind.  Here in the Kington Parishes we do our very best to ease family and friends through their grief both before and during the funeral and beyond.

Each funeral is as much a thanksgiving of a life as it is the commending of the soul of our loved one into the hands of God.  We endeavour to develop a funeral service with you that pays tribute to your loved one and provides comfort and support for those who are grieving.

We hold an annual service on the Sunday nearest to November second, when the lives of all the departed are remembered by name.  Kington Church also hosts a “Light up a Life Service” for St. Michael’s Hospice, Bartestree in early December.  During both of these Services there is an opportunity for those who wish to light candles in memory of their loved ones.  Please contact us if you have someone you would like included in these Services.

In addition Kington and Old Radnor Churches both have books of remembrance for the departed.  Names entered in these books are prayed for during the week each year chosen by their families.  Please do use the form here if you would like someone to be included in one of these.

A prayer for the departed:

Lord for your faithful people, life is changed not ended, for when the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death, we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.  Amen.