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Lent Group

Commencing 11th March, 2019

5 Different Venues

Lent Groups: If anyone would like to join a Lent group do take a sheet from the back of church and make the necessary contact. There are 5 different venues and times to choose from and you would be welcome at 
any of the meetings. They all start on the week beginning 11th March.  These groups are opportunities to learn about and focus on the Christ we love. But more than that they provide a space to be vulnerable, meet new people, share deeply and give and receive prayer.


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With the prayers and good wishes of Chapter and the Cathedral Community

The Parishes of Kington with Huntington, Old Radnor, Kinnerton & Titley will be remembered in prayer in Hereford Cathedral on Tuesday 26 March

You are welcome at any of the services on the day


8.00 am Holy Communion

10.00 am Cathedral Eucharist

11.30 am Matins

3.30 pm Evensong

Monday to Saturday

7.30 am Morning Prayer

 8.00 am Holy Communion

5.30 pm Evensong sung by the Cathedral Choir during term except on Wednesdays


Other services

Holy Communion: Wednesdays at 12.15 pm

Prayers for Peace: Wednesdays at 1.05 pm

Prayers at the Shrine of St Ethelbert: Fridays at noon

Evening Hour: One Sunday of each month at 5.30 pm


If you are able to join us, please contact the cathedral office (01432) 374212 or email: For forthcoming events at Hereford Cathedral visit

Saturday 13th April at 7.30 pm,

Friends of St Thomas a Becket Church Event

“Kington Then And Now”

With David Latham.


On Saturday 13 th April at 7.30 pm, Friends of St Thomas a Becket Church hold their first Event of 2019 at Huntington Village Hall.

Dave Latham will present photographs of Kington and its environs from the early days of photography - as far back as the late 19th century - to the present day. These will show Kington’s people, industries, organisations, public houses, markets, events, road and rail transport, shops, schools and celebrations.

Dave's commentaries, observations and insights are gleaned from an eclectic mix of historical research by Allan Lloyd, from interviews, conversations and time-honoured folklore. Dave is a passionate photographer and the talk will include a selection of his own photographs taken over the last forty years that capture the spirit of a community in which he has lived, worked, served and raised a family.

There will be something for everyone in Dave's talk - whether you want an entertaining exploration into this much loved historic town, an evocation of what makes it so special or just a trip down memory lane.

There will be a free party  with wine and canapés after the Event.

Please apply via website or telephone Fiona Shone on 01544 370391

There are three ways to buy tickets for the Riding Lights passion play:  Book and pay online at this address:   Ring Guy Wilkinson on 07515327757  Buy one of the hard copy tickets from Reverend Ben Griffith

There are three ways to buy tickets for the Riding Lights passion play:

Book and pay online at this address:

Ring Guy Wilkinson on 07515327757

Buy one of the hard copy tickets from Reverend Ben Griffith

'Rescue And Renovation' by Richard Goode

Saturday 4th May 7.30 pm

St Thomas à Becket Church

Local businessman and entrepreneur Richard Goode will talk primarily about his interest in fine houses and how he was fortunate enough to undertake three successive restoration projects over the years, his last being Newport House in Almeley. Newport House had stood empty for years before Richard acquired the property in 2004 and set about returning this important local landmark to its former glory.

Richard has had a varied and fascinating life; his early years were spent mostly in Asia and Africa, where he attended boarding school in Rhodesia. He went to Cambridge University eventually settling in the UK following a period living in Paris. His portfolio of professions includes working for a company responsible for printing and selling banknotes to foreign governments, 35 years as an international employment head-hunter (ending up as a managing partner in the world’s biggest headhunting company) and a career in aviation. This began with his passion for aerobatics (he flew in the British aerobatic team), eventually starting a company showcasing public acrobatic displays. He went on to represent the iconic Russian aircraft manufacturer, Sukhoi, buying the first aerobatic aircraft sold by the Russians to the West. His business in aviation continues to this day.

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The Story of the Famous Stained Glass Windows at St Thomas à Becket Church' by Caroline Swash

Saturday 22nd June at 7.30 pm

St Thomas à Becket Church

Caroline Swash will talk about the background to the beautiful series of stained glass windows created by her father and grandfather - Edward and Henry Payne - for St Thomas à Becket Church.

Caroline has created stained glass windows for Gloucester, Salisbury and Portsmouth Cathedrals and several churches in the UK and USA. She has written extensively on architectural stained glass and is currently working on the biographies of her father and grandfather.

Caroline began making her own windows in 1965 and has since been combining commissions in stained glass with family life, writing, painting and teaching.

She was Hon Secretary of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, tutor at Central St Martins College of Art and Design and in charge of the two year post graduate glass course. 

She and her husband set up the Malvern Arts Press in 2000. Publications include ‘14 stained glass walks in London’ with Ginger Ferrell, ‘Medical Science and Stained Glass’, ‘Glass at Central’ by Hildegard Pax and ‘The 100 best Stained Glass Sites in London’ published in 2015

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'Restoring Our Rivers By Any Means Necessary!' - Kate Speke-Adams

Friday 11th October at 7.30

St Thomas à Becket Church

Kate’s talk will explain the broad range of work undertaken by the Wye & Usk Foundation and describe how the Foundation seeks to address specific pressures on our rivers including:

  • Access to spawning grounds for migratory fish

  • Habitat conditions in the Wye including gravel supplies for fish spawning, bankside protection and eradication of non-native invasive species

  • Water quality including the impact of pesticides on drinking water supplies & phosphate levels causing eutrophication in the river.

  • Water quantity, both high and low flows and the implication for residents of the river and the county.

Kate heads up a team of Catchment Advisers at the Foundation, which seeks to reduce diffuse pollution arising from agriculture throughout the catchment. Kate grew up on a dairy farm in North Herefordshire and this, combined with experience gained from working for the Environment Agency, gives her a well balanced view on the risks and opportunities that agriculture can offer the water environment.

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