Reader Writes, February 2018

Alias Grace

Well what about God? Is he vengeful or is he kind?

Should we live our lives in secret and hope he doesn’t mind?

Isn’t he an If ….. Then …. God? That’s it; that sums him up.

If you obey his law … then he’ll look after you, if you’re lucky.

If you eat the forbidden fruit … then you’ll be expelled from the garden.

I get it ……….but, I don’t believe it! I see something else.

I see a God who says Because … Because … , and goes on saying Because.

Because I made the universe; I planned it from the start.

Because I made the laws of physics (there was no need at all),

I made its laws a wonder for my special children to delight them.

Because I made a system of evolving life (it was a fun idea)

I made its teeming species - and surprise - an endless delight to man.

Because I loved my Eve and cherished my Adam

I gifted the special joy of naming all my creatures!

Because they kissed and stained their lips in the shade of the sacred tree,

For their own future’s sake I had to send them out and far from paradise.

Because …. Because, I love them, I had a plan to rescue them.

Because the tide was strong and the lash dealt filth and blood,

I tipped out the sea and blew them to a promised land.

If only they would …. then I would … No! They never could or would.

The Ifs and Thens just failed to work in my world of Because and Because.

Because I’m a God who loves them to their utter inner heart

Even when it hurts and hurts and hurts.

Because I love them, because I still love them and will,

I sent my Son, my only child, born to pain and blood

In the reek of dirty straw, because the lowest are loved by me.

And because I loved them, I redeemed them; nailed to a Roman tree,

Taken down and buried, raised by the Spirit, seen by angels.

Because I love and love, in shadow times and light,

I’m the God of Because … Because ….Because ….

Where all things are possible in me.

Robert MacCurrach

Rob MacCurrach